Reading List

I had to blog late last night for the GB blog today and thought I would just share it with you. It's not quite as I hoped it would turn out, but thought I would show it to you regardless.

We've had a lot of fun things going on for the ministry blog, so if you don't read it, you should especially read it every Friday, as Priscilla has been sharing her new book that is releasing September 1, The Resolution For Women. I'm so excited about the book and want everyone I know to read it, female of course. She's doing all kinds of giveaways and stuff, so that's kind of fun.

Other reads: Is God To Blame by Greg Boyd. I will have many postings about this book I think, and I'm only on chapter 5, but if you are looking for a new read right now, I highly recommend it. Thanks to Michael for the suggestion.


My Day Off

I took the day off today. Well, really I was just hoping for a day to work from home, but my boss told me to just take the day off.

It's been fantastic. I still woke up super early to run and read and what not. For some reason I enjoy getting up at the butt crack of dawn. It makes me feel productive. Anyway, I got my oil changed this morning which took way too long, and then after that the fun began.

Bought some super fantastic pants and a shirt at Anthropologie today with a gift card I had. The pants look somewhat like these, except mine are way cuter….

here's the shirt - they look fantastic together, by the way

Then, I popped into Whole Earth Provision Co in hopes to find the TOMS that I like, but came out with a North Face jacket that was super on sale (thanks to Margie - she was the one who got the jacket first; i totally copied her). It's perfect for winter in Texas, and I'm pumped.

I guess my whole day revolved around shopping. And I'm ok with that. And I guess it's been filled with much reading and contemplating, which is better than all these other things.

I talked with a girl at the coffee shop today. I could tell she was a runner because she had all of her Lululemon gear on. She started to tell me how her knee has been hurting her for about a year now. The more we talked, the more I just wanted to pray for healing for her. But I didn't. I started thinking that it would be silly for me to do that, and that I have no experience in it and so why would I do that? And who says that she would've wanted it? She could think that would be incredibly ridiculous.

Fear of man. That's what that is. When I was driving away I realized that I missed a huge opportunity. And I didn't go back. I know her healing doesn't depend on me, but I also wonder if it WAS an opportunity for her knee to get better - just because God is motivated by love, and I felt that for her in that moment. It's unfortunate. Maybe I'll get another chance?

Oh, the things that can happen on your day off!



This morning I went to get us some Starbucks. Jerry and I are somewhat coffee snobs. Ok, we are coffee snobs. I blame it on myself, though. I think I've made him that way. The coffee here at the hotel is quite disgusting and I don't want to bear it if I don't have to. So last night I told him I would get us an americano in the morning since Starbucks is pretty close to where we are staying.

I was putting creme and stevia in my coffee at the little "bar" area and a man came up beside me to prep his coffee, and right away said: "Hello! How are you today?". I responded quickly with a "I'm doing well, how are you?". He responded with "good" or something like that. I don't really remember. Right after all of this happened, something triggered in my spirit. Sort of like a . . . "I think that man really wanted to know how I was doing". He was one of those men that has that dad smell. I don't know what it is, but it's just a very distinct cologne smell, that you smell all the time. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, as we were both standing there I just wondered if there was something more to that conversation. Like, did I need to keep talking to him? There really wasn't anything else left to say. I knew we had about 10 seconds left of fixing our coffee and then I would head out the door. Then I started to think about how much his little question kind of made me in a good mood. Not that I wasn't already in a good mood, but it made me in a better one. And then I thought, this is crazy that I'm thinking so much about a little question some random stranger asked me at the coffee bar, and that millions of people say each and every day at least twice a day to someone.

AND THEN I thought about how words are so impactful and powerful. I can chose to speak life or death today. I can speak death over myself by my lack of faith and lack of feeling like I am pursuing God as I really should. Or, I can speak life over myself today by claiming who I really am in Christ, how I am being led from glory to glory as I seek to pursue Jesus whole heartedly. That there is nothing that I CAN or CANT do to earn more righteousness, but that righteousness only comes by faith.

It's this big spiral that has occurred in my mind by one mans 5 words. He'll never know, either. I wonder what opportunities are going to present themselves to me today, and I wonder the words that are going to come out of my mouth and how they are going to effect people.

This is why I love Starbucks.



I arrived in Memphis last night with the Shirer clan. Jerry and I and the three boys got here around 5:00pm and Priscilla met us late last night because she was finishing up a project she had been working on for 3 days. We are going to be here all weekend with Life Church - I actually took the boys to a Mega Worship and Prayer event last night that they had at the church so they could play with all their friends, and I got to go to the service. It is always so good reconnecting with these people - they are our friends now. We come here at least 3 times a year, and I've so grown to love so many of them.

Today my day will be spent with the 3 little rascals - probably a lot of swimming and playing.

I was just thinking about all of the opportunities that are out there for us today. I'm in a place lately of desperately wanting God to move in every part of my life. I know that all it really takes is a mindset switch for me, and continual pursuit of God. I'm working on it, and believing for that in my life today.

Today I'm believing for: the chance to share the love of Jesus with someone who has never heard it, to bless and serve those I'm with today, and that I will know in my gut the love of God and operate out of that instead of my own thoughts and feelings.

Today, is a good day!