I feel it's my duty...

. . . to know all good folk(ish) music that is out there. I've been so out of the music scene lately and now I'm trying to catch up. So get ready, because there is new music coming atchya.

Have you heard Ben Howard? Click the play buttons below. I can't tell if I like "The Wolves" Or "Old Pine" the best.




God is funny. My best friend Sarah sent this to me this morning, and oh how it speaks to my soul. These are about the only words I have for today, and good words indeed.


Oh happy day

There's too much good new music floating around the internet today and I couldn't keep it all to myself.

First of all, Williams Fitzsimmons is a guy who I saw a long time ago in Nashville, and it was by far one of the best little unplugged shows I saw. Noisetrade has one of his songs as a free download and you should get it immediately.

Also, Ingrid's new cd is free to listen to on aol music today, which just makes me happy.

Happy Music to you today!



I want to write a song. I want to be behind a guitar and a mic, writing folk music. I want to go back to Italy and maybe even Greece. I want to seepeople come to know Jesus and walk with God and encounter the Holy Spirit over and over again. I want to go to Napa Valley and Seattle - those are the next places to visit in the US. I want to see people and things here on earth through Gods eyes, not my own. I want to pray for people and hear God for people, and be a part of the many miraculous things that God does through prayer and intercession. I want people to know that they have been given gifts from God and I want them to discover what they are and WALK in it. Not just hope that God is working and moving on their behalf, but actually take part in His work in their lives. I want to write a book.. Who knows what about... Just want to write. I want to open up an even better store than Anthropologie.
That's what I want. At least for today. Wonder what God wants today….