fought for

i've realized that there is something really powerful in knowing you are being fought for. knowing that there is a battle going on that you can't see and that someone else is vying for your attention and affection.

i'm not sure if guys feel the same way as girls do about this. i was talking to a guy friend today about relationships . . . timing . . . trying to make relationships happen vs waiting on God's timing. you have this group of single friends who are all amazing; you're really not "young anymore". how is it that all these people are friends and don't end up together?

will any of them end up together?
will we all still be hanging out, single 5 years from now?
do you pray your heart will change towards them?
do you pray for them to open up to you?

if the girl is fought for, will she change her mind?

thankfully, there is the unknown. we are called to walk by faith, not by sight. it'll make the end so much more worth it.