Reading List

I had to blog late last night for the GB blog today and thought I would just share it with you. It's not quite as I hoped it would turn out, but thought I would show it to you regardless.

We've had a lot of fun things going on for the ministry blog, so if you don't read it, you should especially read it every Friday, as Priscilla has been sharing her new book that is releasing September 1, The Resolution For Women. I'm so excited about the book and want everyone I know to read it, female of course. She's doing all kinds of giveaways and stuff, so that's kind of fun.

Other reads: Is God To Blame by Greg Boyd. I will have many postings about this book I think, and I'm only on chapter 5, but if you are looking for a new read right now, I highly recommend it. Thanks to Michael for the suggestion.

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