talking to God

I'm sitting at a coffee shop, at a small table, with a guy and a girl sitting beside me. We are in close proximities. They are students at SMU, talking… and talking… and talking.

The dude actually won't shut up. Talking 90 miles per hour about the world we live in, the things wrong with it, how to solve these problems, other students in their class you aren't intelligent and ask stupid questions in class… you get the point.

It's not that I'm trying to listen to them, but his voice is so loud that I can't help but try not to be annoyed, and hear every single thing they are saying. I'm trying to focus on Leviticus 1-3, which is the reading we have today because our church as a group is reading through the bible. I'm reading about offering burnt sacrifices to the Lord, and they are talking about evolution.

I kind of wonder if this is what we sound like to God sometimes…. talking, and talking, and talking. Noise, noise, more noise. 100 million words per minute without even taking a breathe. Mercy!

Do I do this? Do I talk so much that God can't get a word in otherwise?

Last night at Life Group we talked about hearing God. Listening to God. We sat and just let Him speak to us, for about 10 minutes. It was wonderful. I didn't say a word. I just let Him speak to me, and everyone else did too. It was pure. Lovely. He spoke many things to us. He didn't say 100 million words per minute. In fact, He really just spoke maybe one or two words. But they had huge impact. They encouraged us. They made us happy. They changed how we will live… perhaps even effected the rest of our lives.

I think I'll let Him do most of the talking. I think I'll keep reading about burnt sacrifices, and wait in expectancy for the next two or three words I hear from Him.

To the dude sitting next to me at the coffee shop: I hope you are able to talk with God this much. I hope you know that God wants to talk to you, and would sit there and listen to you talk 100 million words per minute, and love every second of it. Perhaps you could even let him have a word in as well.


the BOD

I feel it necessary for you to meet the BOD (board of directors). They are my peeps here in Dallas. Since I have been inspired to dream and think and write again, I know you will be hearing about them a lot, so it's only fitting for you to be introduced.

Kendall summed us all up pretty well on her blog. It's really quite hilarious. Unfortunately, she didn't do one for herself. But, the way she writes gives you a pretty good idea of her personality anyway.

here it goes…. enjoy