My Day Off

I took the day off today. Well, really I was just hoping for a day to work from home, but my boss told me to just take the day off.

It's been fantastic. I still woke up super early to run and read and what not. For some reason I enjoy getting up at the butt crack of dawn. It makes me feel productive. Anyway, I got my oil changed this morning which took way too long, and then after that the fun began.

Bought some super fantastic pants and a shirt at Anthropologie today with a gift card I had. The pants look somewhat like these, except mine are way cuter….

here's the shirt - they look fantastic together, by the way

Then, I popped into Whole Earth Provision Co in hopes to find the TOMS that I like, but came out with a North Face jacket that was super on sale (thanks to Margie - she was the one who got the jacket first; i totally copied her). It's perfect for winter in Texas, and I'm pumped.

I guess my whole day revolved around shopping. And I'm ok with that. And I guess it's been filled with much reading and contemplating, which is better than all these other things.

I talked with a girl at the coffee shop today. I could tell she was a runner because she had all of her Lululemon gear on. She started to tell me how her knee has been hurting her for about a year now. The more we talked, the more I just wanted to pray for healing for her. But I didn't. I started thinking that it would be silly for me to do that, and that I have no experience in it and so why would I do that? And who says that she would've wanted it? She could think that would be incredibly ridiculous.

Fear of man. That's what that is. When I was driving away I realized that I missed a huge opportunity. And I didn't go back. I know her healing doesn't depend on me, but I also wonder if it WAS an opportunity for her knee to get better - just because God is motivated by love, and I felt that for her in that moment. It's unfortunate. Maybe I'll get another chance?

Oh, the things that can happen on your day off!


K'sh said...

I've been there...felt that nudge yet walked away with that deep regret but convincing myself that it was just me and not God. I've learned that when I feel him to just move because he's teaching me to: move out of my comfort zone, to have faith that has hands and feet instead of mere words! Reading this makes me feel so guilty bc I was praying for you the other day and God told me to write the prayer and send it to you but I couldn't do it. I was so worried about what you would think.

kylebuff said...

Sometimes I think about that stuff too. The good thing is, you can still pray for her without her being in front of you. I think sometimes its good to pray for strangers but I could also see how it would make me feel a lil self-righteous afterward if I turned all spiritual on someone; at the same time, maybe it could lead to some fruitful convo. Peace nae nae.