been a long time gone

Blogging is a funny thing for me. You can always tell when I've been super busy because blogging is the very last thing I put on my to-do list. Of course, I can always make time for it if I really wanted to. But for some reason I neglect it. When actually it's something I really enjoy. There's been a million things I could've shared with you over these past few weeks because so much has happened. Like . . . .

Ellen Balducci having her sweet little baby, Etta Catherine
Planned a vacation to SAN DIEGO! super excited! going May 24-30
I went to Nashville for my cousins CD release party- buy his album here - and to see friends
(the trip was so great, but also changed the course of history for Nash b/c of the flood)
I had the women from our church over Saturday night for a cookout - so fun!
God has done some awesome things through community and church

I'm reminded once again that God is so faithful to me. That I'm spoiled like crazy. That I've been given much and just want to give it all back to Him. I desire His Presence more than ever in my life. I am searching for it with all of my heart and am sure that He will continue to teach me and show His love more and more. This month I'm just praying for more - more of His Presence, more dreams, more miracles, more direction with our ministry, more for my family, more for my community, more lives being radically changed by God, more purpose for the city of Dallas... MORE!

What are you praying/believing for in the month of May? Would love to hear....

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