to whom much is given, much is received

I've been reading this book called Secrets of the Secret Place in the mornings. I'd encourage everyone to go through this book. The chapters are about only 3 pages long. It's designed that way so that you can use it sort of like a devotional I guess. Well, at least that's how I've been using it. It's totally challenging me and God is speaking so many things to me through it

(P.S. I just have the paperback book, but there is a study guide and DVDs that are also available)

This morning he talks about the "Secret of Journaling". Not just journaling things such as "Sally came over today and we had tea and it was a lot of fun..." But journaling the things that God has spoken to us or is teaching us. He points us to this verse:

"Consider carefully what you hear," he continued. "With the measure you use, it will be measured to you—and even more." Mark 4:24

Consider carefully what you hear, because how you respond/receive it will matter. The more you respond, the more God responds to you. The more God can trust us with what He gives us and speaks to us, the more he will speak.

This sparked something in my heart this morning. What are the last things God told me to? Did I do them? How quickly?

I can tell you that there is one thing pending that I haven't done that I felt God tell me to do last week. I doubted myself and doubted that God would ask me to do such a thing, but this morning God was so faithful to bring me back into His presence and encourage me that I do hear from Him and that it was Him speaking to me and asking me to do this certain thing.

So today, I'm going to do it. And trust that He will take care of the rest. Obedience.

To whom much is given, much is received....

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