Can you tell that things have been back in full swing? These past two weeks have been full, but they have been so much fun! Have I told you lately that I love my job? I feel like I need to remind you of that at least once a week =) You… meaning the 5 people that will actually read this.

These past two days we have been shooting a short film for our Going Beyond events this year. Have you ever seen the Nooma videos with Rob Bell? They will be sort of similar to those, except better ;)

Priscilla is SO incredibly gifted on camera.. she is such a natural, so it made these past two days so much fun. She is a trooper. It, of course, has been nasty weather the two days we decided to film, and every other day this week is supposed to be clear. But, have no fear, the guys did an amazing job and I CANNOT wait to see what the videos will turn out to look like. Seriously, it's going to be amazing. I can see many more videos in our future….

Check out the blog from today to meet the team and see a little bit of what occured yesterday. I took everyone to my all time favorite coffee shop (Pearl Cup of course) after we were finished. I've been wanting Priscilla and Jerry to go there for forever, so they finally saw one of my hang out spots. Hope you enjoy!

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