Meet My Bosses

We FINALLY captured Jerry on camera. Jerry likes to stay behind the scenes, but Priscilla managed to get a few sentences out of him on our flip.

Yesterday we finished the video taping and were talking, while we were waiting on the cameras, inside the car because it was freezing and raining outside, about how each of us are so different, but yet none of yesterday could not have happened without all of us being there, using the different gifts God has given us. If we weren't aware of them, or comfortable with them, then it would be pointless.

So anyway, check out this short video. (P.S. I guest posted today)

Ticia is hilarious, isn't she? My favorite part, though, is when Jerry chimes in. That's the boss man (Priscilla is boss #2 of course). You finally get to meet him!

Hope you have a great day!

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