Pics from OKC

I wanted to show you some pictures from this past weekend. It was our last Lifeway event for the year, and probably my favorite of them all. It was just really fun, and incredible teaching. I'm sad that I'm not going to see my friends for a long time, but at least we got some good
best part of the weekend: Michelle and Miss Beth gave me TONS of honey packets (long story)
can you tell how excited I am?

(eating breakfast Saturday morning)

(top row: left-right, Michelle, Miss Kay, Miss Beth, Priscilla, Paige
bottom row: left-right, Stella, Pam, and me)

(Michelle, Paige, and I being ridiculous at the photo shoot)

(I love my boss)


Michelle said...

HEY!Where's my Honey shot! We worked hard to get you all that!?

Kidding it was a blast hanging out and I miss you already!

Sarah Smith said...

ahhhh Miss Kay! so jealous.