Going to my homeland…..

Well, today is the last trip of the year.. for work at least. We are headed to Memphis today and will be there until Monday morning. Pray for Priscilla.. she is speaking 6 times. Yes, 6. Twice on Saturday and 4 times on Sunday. mercy! It will be great though. We will be with Life Church all weekend - I'm excited about meeting these people. I've actually never even been to their church before, so it will be fun to be worshipping with different people than I normally do back home.

My boss gives me a hard time b/c he says I see my family more now that I live in Dallas rather than when I lived in Nashville. Which is true. But I LOVE it! I'm going to hang out with Nicole and Jay and my sweet little nieces tonight and hopefully my mom as well.

Have a great weekend!

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Jillian said...

Hey buddy! I've linked you to a blog award, check me out http://jedonahue.blogspot.com/. Hope you're doing well! Love you, xoxo!