We are about to hop in the rental car and head straight up 35 to Oklahoma City, all 7 of us. Jerry, Priscilla, the two older boys, Karis who is taking care of the boys, and Rachel and I.

We are expecting about 9,000 women at this Deeper Still event. I feel like God has given me the word "interrupt" for this event. When you are planning large events such as this one, you have a very detailed schedule, you know exactly what will happen at every single minute of the program, and everything is very organized. It's really at nightmare when things don't go according to schedule. However, I feel like God wants to somehow interrupt our plans for this weekend. (I'm definitely not telling the Lifeway team that ;) ) But seriously, I do hope that God has full reign on our schedule this weekend - that He will come in all of His glory and amaze us by His presence. I need a revelation from Him this weekend, and I'm praying the same for the speakers, as well as every single women, and the few brave males, we are in attendance.

I'm sad that this is the last Deeper Still for the year, so I plan to soak it all in. You can go here to see how to keep up with us this weekend.

have an awesome Friday!

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