Happy November!

Margie and I had an amazing weekend! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love her and spending time with her.

I'm so proud of Margie and her friend Rebekah who ran 21 miles on Saturday!! They finished in amazing time. They are going to kick butt in the Dallas marathon. Margie got here Friday night and we went to Sam Moon to find Margie a purse and not only walked out with a great purse, some several accessories as well. That place was intense, yet so great. What did I walk out with? Something that looked super cute and a great idea, but when I got home, realized it wasn't as cool as I thought. Check this out:

What is that you say? Well, it's supposed to be a very cute ear warmer thingy, but it's just not. However, I will make use out of this in Chicago for Christmas no matter how retarded and not cute I look. It is warm, that's for sure.

Anyway, Margie and I got back from her run around noon on Friday, and watched the Ole Miss game (another sore subject). In order to cheer ourselves up we went to Northpark Mall where we got a few fabulous things. Ever heard of Martin + Osa? It's new to me. It's owned by the same people as American Eagle, but this place is more upscale and totally different. I got some awesome pants and a few shirts for cheap. Very excited!

Last night we encountered some of the cutest kids trick-or-treating, and made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and watched Bride Wars. It was a great night! Today Margie got to come to church with me, which was so great. That will be another blog for this week.

Hope you had a great weekend. I CANNOT believe it's already November!


Christy said...

hey! thanks for your comment - i didn't realize that you were a blogger! i love your new knit hat it is cute! also - i am a BIG fan of martin oso - it is great! and they usually have really good sales. hope you have a good week and i also wanted to let you know that i love your singing - you have a beautiful voice!

Margie said...

I had the best time ever!!!! I just laughed out loud in my office about that picture!!! Love it!