i can finally walk

today was the first day i was able to walk down the stairs without pain. a glorious triumph! my one regret from the marathon: not taking an ice bath afterwards. i will never not take an ice bath after long runs from here on out. it's just not worth the pain.

i got a text from a friend asking me if i want to run an ultra marathon in the Spring. this one in particular would be a 50k (31 miles). my first thought was: can't i just enjoy the fact that i just ran a marathon? and my second thought was……. that might be fun?!

i'm a crazy running nut now. i must admit. i'm hooked. i understand now why there are these ultra marathon people, because once you accomplish a goal, you realize you can push your body more, and you want another goal ahead. so who knows… maybe i will do an ultra marathon…

for now… i'm going to do my walk/run recovery every other day through next week and then i'll figure out what i'm going to do. i do know this: it's really nice being able to take it easy after 6 months of training!

and just in case you didn't get a chance to watch this video yesterday, please do so and enjoy. it's HILARIOUS!

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Margie said...

That video is too funny!!!