In town

Guess where I'm going this weekend? NOWHERE! Yes. I am here for three weeks in a row. This is record breaking for me… and I'm really excited about it. Actually, I don't think I've been here three weeks in a row since I moved.

This weekend, I'm going to organize and clean. I'm running a 10k on Saturday, which by the way my running has been non existent this week. I ran on Monday but I have been sick this week, so the last thing I want to do is go to the gym or run outside. Hopefully I can still make it six miles =/

Next weekend I get to see Margie. She is running the Dallas marathon in December and is doing a long run here to get comfortable with the course. Who does that? Only Margie =) She's a planner I tell ya. So, I can't wait to see her!

Whether I'm on the road, or in town, I've learned to be content in each situation… to soak up each weekend as much as I can, whether I'm relaxing at home or soaking in God's Word at all the different conferences. One thing I know: I'm blessed and spoiled beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I never want to take it for granted.

Here's to being at home!

And then, October is over. crazy.


Brian said...

Don't you want to come here for the weekend?

I hope you are taking it easy for the 10k. 2 weeks is really soon after the marathon for a race!

Margie said...

Yes!!!! I get to see you! I'm so glad you are doing NOTHING this weekend!!