my new couch

ok, so i know it doesn't look like anything fabulous right now. BUT you have to know that I have lived here for almost 9 months now and have been without a couch ever since. i have my TV upstairs, and any time I have visitors, one person can sit on my chair, and we have to make a little palette on the floor for everyone else. it is very sad.

but the days of sitting on the floor are over. i got this couch from Julie. the couch actually has a lot of sentimental value to Julie.. one of those cool God stories.. so i'm so excited to be able to have it! i look forward to FINALLY decorating the game room!

and yes, the couch is a purple color. any suggestions on pillow colors?!

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Margie said...

perhaps some florals or ones with birds in gray, greens, and whites? you have a couch!!!