A Word From Priscilla

Any time I get to hear Priscilla speak or read/study her books, I sit on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what God wants to say to me through her. Can you believe I get to do ministry with her?!?! I CANT!

We are all so stinkin' excited about being together for the first time this year at Deeper Still in Greensboro, NC with Miss Beth Moore, Miss Kay Arthur, and the Lifeway gals next weekend!

Read here about Priscilla's heart and excitement for next weekend! You've GOT to join us for one of these events this year - there's only three. Let me know if you are interested!


Sarah said...

ummm you get to meet KAY. i'm praying that my jealousy doesn't get the best of me. p.s. your voicemail...linnae, i listened to it twice.

i love your adventures.

Linnae said...

girl.. God speaks! that's all I'm sayin =)