Week 3

Last night we had our third week of bible study going through Priscilla's new study "One In A Million." Can I just be honest and say that we are having some amazing things happening each week? There are just 6 of us, ranging between the ages of 24-36, all girls, one is married, the rest are single. Two of us don't have jobs, one is a teacher so she is off for the summer, and two of us have really flexible jobs... so we are really able to meet for a while without feeling like we have to rush home.

There's something about this group that God is honoring and blessing. For the first hour we each shared about where we are in our walk with the Lord.. we really didn't even go over the lesson from the week... just shared what was on our heart. We were able to pray and encourage one girl in particular who just needed to be ministered to. Within minutes our prayers for God to speak to her were ANSWERED! Not only that but God spoke to another one of us the minute we turned on the video we were supposed to watch.

I say all of this... just because I am so encouraged by the Lord. I am encouraged because I know that God cares about all the big and small details of my life, of your life. I'm encouraged because He is real.. He's alive.. and He lives in us. I'm so thankful that He places people in our lives to encourage us and go through life with us. I'm thankful for sincerity and humbleness. And that's really what I'm getting out of this group.

I feel like our group is really what church should be.. People meeting together, worshipping together, praying together, studying the Word, and believing the best in each other! That's all we're doing. But we are honest and open with each other, and when we pray and EXPECT miracles, God shows up!

Are you part of a group like that? You need to be. You need to be in community. I encourage you to find a church/community group where the people love God and love people are committed to seeing lives changed.

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