What is your aim?

I've started doing Priscilla's new bible study, One In A Million, with a group of girls and it has been so incredibly great! I think this bible study is totally relevant to what is going on in our nation right now. If you are looking for a new bible study to do with a group of women, I encourage you to pick this one up. Let me know if you are interested!

I've had a lot of questions asked to me lately about "why?" Why is _____ happening to me? Why would a loving God allow me to go through _______? Why don't I have a job? Why did I get cancer? Why am I so lonely? Why did I loose my loved one? A lot of people have a lot of "whys?" right now.

These are all really great questions that probably none of us have an answer to. What I can say is that I do know how it feels. I have been through a lot of times like these in my life. If you are in the place, I want to encourage you with these words from Priscilla in One In A Million:

We must synchronize our primary purposes with God's. We must realize that we can neither accomplish abundant life with God nor overcome the Enemy's advances without the Lord's help. While we often want the easiest and least challenging route to abundant life in Christ, we must acknowledge that God wants to take us on the path that fosters a deeper relationship with Him. He wants us to lay aside our determination to do life our way and follow Him. Only when we do this can we truly become ready to face what lies ahead.

Check your life. What is your primary aim?

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