The Freemans

This weekend was so much fun! The wedding was absolutelty amazing. It was my first time to meet Rachel's husband, Todd, and he is the most kind, gentle, man I have ever met. I am thrilled that they are going to be spending the rest of their lives together!

The minute I got to Memphis I got to eat with both families which was such a treat! Mrs. Edmundson cooked amazing food and I Todd serenaded us all on the piano while they made me sing. hah! It was really fun. Friday was the bridal luncheon at the Memphis Country Club followed by me spending the afternoon with Rachel picking up her BEAUTIFUL wedding dress and running a few errands. Friday evening we, of course, had the rehearsal, and then had the dinner at Center for Southern Folklore. It was so great! We were on the balcony of the building while the sun was setting overlooking the bridge and river. One of the coolest places downtown if you ask me. Got to eat some amazing bar-b-que and talk about how much we all love Rachel and Todd. Good times!

The wedding was an incredible celebration of what God has done in their lives and we danced the night away at Chickasaw Country Club. It was so much fun! Got to hang out with high school friends and new friends as well. Overall, it was an awesome weekend! Congratulations Rachel and Todd! Have fun in St Lucia!!!

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Sarah said...

oh my gosh, your hair is long again!!!!