New Shoes On

So, if you know me at all, you know that I've been running for about 4 years now. I started running my junior year of college, and quickly developed an avid love for it! I can honestly say that it is one of my favorite things to do!

I started to have some IT band issues in high school playing volleyball, and they got much worse when I started running. So, like every other runner, I went to Fleet Feet to get fitted for the best shoe for my foot. Now, let me say that I have always loved Fleet Feet. They were good to me. I did many training runs with them while I was in Nashville, and they always put on some great races.

Wellllllllll long story short, Fleet Feet has always put me in a stability shoe. I've been running in Brooks Axiom/Adrenaline for like 3 years.

Yesterday I went to Luke's Locker because I needed to get a new pair of shoes so that I can break them in for my marathon in October. Guess what they say at Lukes? I shouldn't be running in a stability shoe! For three years I've been running the wrong type of shoe! They said that probably the shoe I was in when I first started running was so bad that the stability shoe made my knees feel better, but they still didn't fix the problem. So, with that being said, I was pretty ticked. Not that the people at Fleet Feet meant to put me in the wrong shoe, but really?!

I'm really anxious to see how these new Asics work out for me. I will be amazed if my IT bands no longer hurt when I run. It will be a miracle!

Thank you Luke's Locker for knowing what you are talking about. I must admit, I will never go to Fleet Feet again. They ruined me!


Martha said...

I LOVE my Asics!!! You will love them too! Sorry for the bummer news.

Anonymous said...

i had those same asics for my last pair and really liked them. i wore mazuno's before the asics and this time went with mazuno's again. i have to say that for me, they're my favs. i'm a pronator and don't have knee problems either though. hope you love your new shoes b/c the right ones can make all the difference! and as i learned the other day, so can the wrong pair of undies. :)