You're Invited


A king who prepares a huge wedding feast for his son, with the finest of foods that is already set out and ready for the invited guests when they arrive. He sends his servants to the invited guests, even though they have already received an invitation, because he wants to be sure that they come and know what they will receive when they get there. He wants them to enjoy this amazing feast he has prepared for them. The invited guests refuse to come, and he sends his servants out to them again and ask them to come... he promises they won't be disappointed. But the invited guests refuse, and not only refuse their invitation, but they mistreat the servants. The king is enraged at their refusal and destroys them and their city. He then sends his servants to the streets to invite anyone and everyone to come to the wedding banquet. He longs for guests to see what he has prepared, he doesn't care who they are. Sure enough, many from the streets come, both good and bad, the king gives them wedding clothes, and they enjoy this feast he has prepared. There is, however, one man who wasn't dressed in wedding cltohes. The king asks "Friend, how did you get in here without wedding clothes?", but the man has no answer. So the king sends him out into the darkness because he wasn't dressed correctly for the wedding.


Friend, God has prepared a banquet for you. In fact, He has prepared this huge feast for you! He has this life in mind for you that you could never even begin to dream of. You have already received your invitation. He invites you time after time to come, to believe, to dream. Are you going to accept your invitation?

Many are invited, but few are chosen.

I'm so thankful that I have been chosen. That God has given me grace to see the truth. That there is a feast in heaving waiting for me. Wow! I am God's servant now. I'm going to the street corners to tell others that they have been invited. I don't want them to miss their invitation!

Matthew 22

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