dear future spouse

Dear future spouse of mine,

I'm not quite sure if we have met yet or not. Your guess is as good as mine. I have no idea when you will come around, but I'm starting to hope that it is sooner than later. It would be nice if you would show your face. I should probably let you know ahead of time that I'm a little nervous for you. I may not have a dad, but I have a brother… and a boss by the name of Jerry Shirer… and 2 brother-in-laws… they are quite protective of me. However, if I know you like I think I do, you'll handle it all just fine.

Until then, I hope you are well my friend. Don't be shy.


Brian said...

That is correct. Be afraid... be very afraid.

Jillian said...

this makes me smile. oh the days of chickasaw when we would sit in your room and ask where he was. miss you, xoxo.

Jillian said...
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Michelle said...

Um I love this... and yes I think I would be afraid of the men in your life... Love ya friend can't wait to see you!