my new life

just stopping for a minute to take a break from the craziness of my life. it's been so great ever since i've moved. however, my schedule has definitely changed in so many ways.

wake up at 4:50am
out the door by 5:00am to go on a run
spend time with God
get dressed very quickly
out the door by 7:15am for work
work until 6:00pm
home by 6:30/7:00pm

and then the second part of my life begins:

having neighbors over for dinner, or
hanging out with friends, or
life group, or

and then before I know it it's 10:00pm and I'm wondering where the day went. so I have to learn my boundaries. what can be cut out and what can't. and while I feel like I'm going hard all day long, I am loving every minute of it. i love my new house. i love my new roommate. i love my job and the people i get to spend all day with. i love figuring out how to navigate my life with God while trying to live in the supernatural. to be honest, i really have nothing figured out and lots to learn, but I'm grateful. and I'm committed to seeking God through it all . . . loving Him and loving others.

i know it's just a season. and the next season is going to look very different from this season. so… for now, I'll probably blog less and read more, spend less time on facebook and twitter and more time working, spend the time i'm not working with people... in discipleship and discipling others, going to concerts, exercising, eating delicious food, and enjoy being single for as long as it lasts.

what does your season look like?


Sarah Smith said...

i love this blog post. seriously. it made me really excited for you! chat soon.

Jennifer Pharris said...

This is a great blog, Linnae! Good job of living in the moment and enjoying it for exactly what it is.