Saaaaaaaaaaaaaan Diego

About a month ago mom and I were planning on taking a vacation to Orange Beach, until all the oil spill stuff was "supposed" to hit the gulf coast. So, we decided to randomly go to San Diego. And what an amazing decision that was! I swear, San Diego, is one of my FAVORITE places in the world. Seriously. It is the perfection beach destination place. Never again do I want to go to Florida. That really says a lot coming from me, but it's the truth. You have GOT to go to this place if you are looking for a beach vacation spot. Not to mention there is about one million things to do in this city.

Mom and I left last Monday from Dallas, and my two sisters came and met us Wednesday and we all stayed until Sunday. We vacation so well together.

We slept. We ate delicious food. We sat on the beach all day long. WE DIDN'T SWEAT ONE BIT. We exercised. And did all of these things all over again.


Here are some pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

La Jolla (pronounced la-hoya)... you HAVE to stay here if you go to the SD

We stayed in Oceanside. This is the Harbor of the city

Sara teaching yoga....

our "hike" we went on

SD has the most beautiful flowers EVERYWHERE. this amazing home was on Coronado Island

you know I love food and have to take pictures of what I eat. this was banana bread french toast. soooo yummy

our first night in Oceanside. ate a great dinner!


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