i woke up this morning to go on a long run, and i didn't make it out to the lake until 8:30. bad idea. I should've started about 3 hours earlier. it is so incredibly hot already in Texas. not cool.

our forecast for the week:
Sunday - 99
Monday - 97
Tuesday - 95

Seriously Dallas? It's only June. I'm wondering how in the world my brother and I trained for a marathon over the summer last night? Not sure what we were thinking, but I'm just glad I'm not doing it right now.

I will say, though, that I totally have the bug again. I've been looking and looking for a marathon that I can run this year. It seems like they are all on dates that I can't do. Hoping to find one soon though. I'll keep you posted.

Just a little remembrance from the Chicago marathon....

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Margie said...

memphis memphis!!! please!!!