Pink Impact Round 1

This week has been amazing! Priscilla is speaking at Gateway Church's women's conference... and seriously, this has been so incredible. God's Spirit and presence has been so tangible and evident it's just awesome. It's like He kept on interrupting our plans just to show us His love and how much he cares about every single person in the room.

I could go on about Priscilla and how awesome her messages have been; Jan Greenwood, director of women's ministry shared yesterday afternoon and it was INCREDIBLE! you need to have her speak at your church; and then Chris Caine of course has been amazing as well; oh yea and Dr Leaf is this incredible woman who shares about how important it is to train our minds/brains and feed it with the Word of God and positive thoughts; not to mention Miriam Webster and Kari Jobe leading worship. How many amazing people can you fit in one room?

But I think it's just been that these women WANT God to interrupt their plans.. they give Him permission to interrupt the program for something better, and that's exactly what He has done these past few days.

The thing I will walk away with is this:

1. We have to choose to renew our minds ever day, pray, and BELIEVE God
2. We have to let Him do what He wants to do as we submit our daily life and schedule to Him
3. Pray

Three simple things, but yet for some reason I need to be reminded of over and over again lately. I wake up and choose life and choose to believe God no matter what my MIND or my CIRCUMSTANCES tell me.

Good stuff. Wish you could be there with us! Next up . . . round two all over again!

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Anonymous said...

Hi friend, So excited that I found your blog! I've added you to my favorites and I look forward to dropping by for an update on your own "special assignment." Thanks for the high praise - much appreciated. I too feel the hunger of the women and I am reminded it's the same all over the world. We are born to hunger for Him. Hope we treat you great and make your experience the best. Trusting HIM to do all the rest! With love, Jan Greenwood