well hey there

I think these past two weeks were the busiest weeks I have had since I moved to Dallas. They were incredible, life changing, difficult, challenging, but so worth every second of it. It's really rather incredible all the things I was able to accomplish in two weeks. Seriously, I learned what this means:

He will keep him in total peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee

All that to say, and not really going in to too much detail, God is good! Duh, right? Well, He is. He is good and faithful. And I needed Him to show me that.. again. And He did.

Here are some pics to show you what I've been up to:

(Going Beyond Event in McLean,VA - sold out to 2,400 women - one of my favorite things about this particular event is all the praying we get to do! )

(celebrated Ana's birthday with dinner at Mi Cocina and then had a concert - yes, we had our own concert. it was amazing)

(getting Priscilla's mic on and ready to speak at our first event of the year, Going Beyond in Forth Worth - sold out with 2,000 women = awesome!)

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