All I've wanted to eat lately

All I've wanted to eat lately is


(Ok, I know that's not surprising)

and this

with this

(my favorite yogurt)

and for dessert:

(suicide bowl of Kashi Cereal)


Betsy said...

ok linnae...these are all of my favorite and daily foods also!!! what do you eat with almond butter?! great minds think alike!!

Linnae said...

Betsy, that is hilarious! I'm so glad we are on the same page. Ok, I eat Almond Butter with EVERYTHING! mainly apples and then I make almond butter and banana sandwiches. yum! what do you eat with almond butter?!?! oh yea, it's also amazing with pretzels. that's a deadly combo!

Anonymous said...

I love all of those things... well. Except the yogurt. I can't seem to find a yogurt I like. Any suggestions? They all taste chalky to me!

Linnae said...

re: a fitfoodie.. have you tried flavored yogurt? you might just not be a yogurt person. you can buy greek yogurt that is AMAZING. some of them come with honey in it. soo good! it's expensive so i don't buy it unless i just need one to go, but you could try that? hope you find something you like.