This is what I feel like today. Apparently I have allergies. Woke up yesterday morning, couldn't stop sneezing, nose running CONSTANTLY, and it hasn't stopped ever since. Someone told me that in order to get out allergies, you can just go exercise outside to sweat it out of your system. Thats a myth. Not true. I went running yesterday afternoon because it was 74 degrees and sunny and perfect outside. However, it was not beneficial for me. Today.. still can't breath, eyes itch, throat hurts, and I can't drink enough liquid.

Oh well, such in life in Dallas. Hope you are feeling better than I am.

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Mary Margaret said...

A little tip from your friendly pharmacist: eat local (as in at least the same county, if not town) honey! It helps your body get accustomed to all the pollen.

And who doesn't like a good excuse to eat honey :)