i'm back and injured

i can't even begin to tell you how much fun sarah and i had together last week and weekend. it was one of my favorite times here in dallas. it was fun having her here so she can see a little bit more of my life here in the big d.

our time together consisted of AMAZING food, seeing old friends, seeing the most amazing house in dallas and being invited inside their house gates, meeting woflgang puck, free food, eating at the top of the reunion tower, awesome worship service on sunday, and good shopping.

and oh yea…. my injured thumb. silly me hurt my thumb playing flag football on sunday. i went to the doctor yesterday and they put me in a splint, so it's actually really hard to type which is why i'm about done with this blog post =)

here are some pics of the weekend. hope you enjoy!

(coolest house in dallas)

(this is some of the free food we got - HAPPY BDAY SARAH!)
(the girls eating dessert at the top of the reunion tower)

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