Excited about November!

I've got to say that today has been a great day! November might be my favorite month of this year because......
Sarah is going to come and visit the Big D for her Bday November 19-22, and then mom and I are going to go to Austin and stay at a sweet hotel downtown! It really couldn't get any better than that. I cannot wait to plan the itineraries for these two trips!

I have no idea where to even begin with what to do with Sarah while she is here. There are like a million things I want to do, but, I'm going to have to narrow it down. Be sure that we will Brunch, Walk, talk and read and coffee shops, and eat again =) I can't wait!!

Mom and I will definitely be relaxing, kayaking, eating, and hiking while we are in Austin! It's going to be amazing.

So.. if you've ever been to Austin, what do you recommend that we do?!?!


Sarah said...

i think that pic of me was from YOUR night of mystery. bahahaaa. it's a good thing i have on my fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm while i drink that ice cold glass of water.

Mason said...

I'm excited for October