2 yrd old Challenge

I spent this weekend with one of the cutest 2 yr olds you have ever seen... my niece Ana. It was so much fun! I think my brother was a little nervous with how it would go, but fear not, it was as smooth as it could've gone.

I love kids, especially my nieces, so it is a privilege when I get to spend time with them. Not to mention, there is something really sweet about spending time with little kids. It's so good to see their perspective on life. I was constantly reminded this weekend that God is so much bigger than I sometimes make him to be.

My favorite part of this weekend:
I have this "secret room" in my house that Ana loved to play in. On Saturday, we went in there and we closed the door and sat on the floor. The first thing Ana says is: "Aunt Ninny I think we should pray." So what do we do? Pray. Ana prayed for about 5 minutes and I'm not kidding it was like the most powerful prayer. She is an annointed baby =) But it's so for real. Child like faith... I need more of that!

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lhoppe said...

we love that ana gets time with you, aunt ninny! thanks so much for being such a great influence & investor in her little life! love you!