What's that you say? That is a result of what happens when Linnae cooks in the kitchen really early in the morning. Or maybe it really has nothing to do with me being tired. Regardless, I walked downstairs this morning and thought to myself, "I am going to make a HUGE waffle!" It sounded perfect. I turned on the waffle maker, mixed up the ingredients, and poured 2/3 of the mix onto that sucker knowing that it was going to be the biggest, fattest, waffle ever.

Five minutes later I open it up..... stuck! Completely stuck to the waffle maker.


Did I still get my waffle this morning? Yes I did. Only about 30 minutes later. I had to scrub the thing down and let it cool off before I could make another one. My waffle wasn't as big as I had hoped, but it was still good.

Lesson learned: When making waffles, let the machine heat up, then SPRAY it, then pour in the waffle mix =)

It's quite an adventure living with this gal. Too bad no one was here to experience it this morning.

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Margie said...

i would have been so sad...ah