LA Here We Come

I'm not going to lie, I'm really excited about heading to LA this weekend. We are going to be with Oasis Christian Center and I know it's going to be so much fun! I haven't even met these people yet and they have blown me away with their service and desire to serve the Lord.

It's going to be great as Priscilla will speak at their staff/volunteer retreat Friday&Saturday and then she will be speaking at their church services on Sunday. I met the pastor's wife when we were at Celebration Church a while back and she could not have been any cuter. Really, this group of churches are just amazing and I'm humbled to be such a small part in all of it.

I'm even more excited about getting to see my cousin, Maureen, who just happens to live down the street from the church (what are the chances of that?) and my sweet friend Chelsea who will be there interviewing for an internship at Saddleback Church. Pray she gets it!! I fully anticipate eating some amazing food and this MUST be in the itinerary somewhere:
Fro-yo! Yum!

LA, here we come......

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Martha said...

I LOVE pinkberry!! But I also LOVE I heart yogurt. PLEASE come to Memphis, yogurt place.