My brother and I weren't supposed to run 21 miles until this weekend. But, I was already going to be in Waco this past weekend, so we decided to go ahead and get it over with. So, we ran 21 miles on Saturday morning.


It's so crazy to say that I have run that far. You just kinda get to a point where you accept the fact that you are running that far and you just do it. It also helps TREMENDOUSLY when you have someone to run with. But to be honest with you, I really am enjoying it. I love the challenge... I love strapping on all my gear with water, gatorade, and energy bars.. putting on my tennis shoes.. and heading out the door knowing I won't be back for quite some time. I'm starting to think about being finished with training and it makes me sad to think that it will be over soon. Call me crazy, but it's true.

We still have 5 more miles to go before we make it to 26.2, and those last 5 miles might completely change everything and make me never want to run that far again, but I'm so thankful that I'm able to say, at this point, that I'm loving every second of it...I'm thankful that I haven't had any major injuries! I definitely don't want to take that for granted.

So, October 11 couldn't get here fast enough! I'm so stinkin' excited.. especially to be running in Chicago! If you are thinking about training for a marathon... DO IT!!! And do it Jeff Galloway style!


DEb said...

OH MY LINNAE!!! I am SO PROUD OF THAT accomplishment....I did the HALF marathon in April and it about did me in....I cant even IMAGINE the full.... U R DA WOMAN!!!!! I loved this post...its so true, u just get to a point where you're looking at your feet and saying, "am I still running? moving?." LOLOL.. cant wait to see the marathon pics. I saw Sara at church sunday....I SO love her hair!!!! mISS YOU

Wes Howard said...

I am very proud of you Linnae. That's awesome. As for those final 5 miles... .... uhhh... you can do it!! ;)