Last night might have been one of the most unrestful nights of sleep that I have had. I went to Crooked Tree for a few hours yesterday to read my book and decided to leave around 6:30 and just go back home. Thankfully, I left when I did, because right after I got home, the storms hit. It seems like Texas storms are way more windy, but I think that's just because it's so flat here and there is nothing to block the winds.

Needless to say, there is a big tree layed out across my porch that fell last night, the power was out for about 7 hours, the sirens were going off ALL night long, and the intense thunder kept turning my car alarm off. It was almost humorous how many times I had to get out of my bed and go downstairs to turn my car alarm off.

However from about 7:30-9:30 I so appreciated the state that I was in. The power shut off at like 7:00. I lit all the candles in the house because it was super dark already, and decided that I would go get in bed and just piddle on my laptop, because it still had a full battery. Well, of course the internet wasn't working because the power was down, so then I thought I would turn on some music and read my book. Well, of course my little Bose wouldn't work without power, and I didn't want to use my iPhone for music because it was about to die.. so here I am, sitting in my bed with the candle lit, having nothing else but a little light and a book to read. It was absolutely FABULOUS. I almost wish that it would happen several times a day so that I have access to nothing but my mind and a little light.

How many times a week, or even a month, do you go without using any power, any distractions, etc? We say this over and over again but we really don't have enough quiet in our lives. From 7:30-9:30 last night it was quiet, I was listening to the rain, and I was able to read my book and pray for a while - with no distractions. I was so thankful!

Now, about 2:00AM when it was still thundering and the tornado sirens were going off, I wasn't as thankful, and really hoping that the power would come back on so that all my food wouldn't spoil, but at least I could enjoy it for a while.

Try and get some peace and quiet in a few times over the weekend! You'll be thankful you did it!

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