I'm Nothing Without Coffee

So, for some reason I've been on this kick of trying not to really drink coffee. I really don't know why it started. Probably because I was drinking about 2 cups in the morning and then one in the afternoon, and once I thought about it, I realized that no one needs that much of anything in one day. So, I haven't been making it in the mornings. AND IT'S KILLING ME. Ok, so maybe it's not killing me, but I am SO SLEEPY. Really - it's amazing once you get off of coffee, how much you realize it helps!

So, I'm sitting here relaxing a bit before I have to go back to the conference, and I'm really realizing that it would be better for me to have at least one cup in the morning, than to not have it at all. Does that mean I am addicted? Probably. Is that a bad thing? I don't think so. There's nothing better than walking downstairs in the mornings to a house that smells like fresh brewed coffee! I already know that when I get to the conference, I'm stopping at the starbucks that is in the hotel to get a Cafe Misto! I can't wait!

Hope you have a splendid weekend full of cups of coffee!


Sarah said...

i like the soy misto's myself. I think because Starbucks has that vanilla flavored soy...mmmmm. i heard coffee prevents alzheimers. you are so in the clear :) LOVE YOU

Anonymous said...

I am all about coffee in the morning! I just made myself take about a months break from it and yesterday I had my first cup and I too forgot how much it helps me though my day. Stupid but True. :)