Oh Sevierville

We made it to Sevierville. What an interesting city!

So you know that two weeks ago we were in Branson and I was really hoping to meet Kirk Cameron. Obviously that didn't happen because P and I got stuck at the airport and made it too late to hear him speak on Friday. I was totally bummed and determined that I was going to meet him this weekend.

So we are on our flight to Knoxville this morning and it was about half way through the flight. And I look up and see this guy walking towards us.... guess who? Kirk! Yes, the Kirk Cameron. Of course he knew P and Jerry so they starting chatting and I was included in the convo and thrilled! Let me just tell you that he looks exactly the same! exactly! I honestly can't tell how old he is. He has six kids and one of them is at least 12 so he has got to be in his 40s I guess.

So hilarious! He is a really nice guy... exactly what you expect. I didn't make it out to hear him speak tonight but I'm sure it was great. All the ladies were going crazy over him. And I mean crazy. They looooooove Kirk Cameron.

So, I feel as though tomorrow is going to go well. P speaks at 9:00 and then I have to take them to the airport so they can catch another flight at 1:00. THEN I'M HEADED TO NASHVILLE! That deserves a whole another blog, so I will withold how extremely excited I am about seeing Sarah and many others!!

God bless you this evening.

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