Catalyst One Day Dallas - Part 2

Yesterday was so much fun! Even though I missed the first half of the conference, it still learned a lot for the short time that I was there.

Yesterday the theme was "Creating Momentum" in our church, ministry, or even career. Craig Goeshel talked about creating personal spiritual moment. At one point he had the entire auditorium COMPLETELY silent. You could've heard a needle drop in there. He was speaking to us in regards to how we spend our days, what our schedules look like, and if they match up with our values. He really challenged us in the area of resting, taking time off, etc. What's amazing is that one of the biggest problems in ministry is that we don't take time off! Not only that, but we don't manage our schedules well while we are working. Some days are so unproductive because we have so much on our plate and we don't know how to delegate responsibilities.

Why don't we take enough time off? Plain and simple.... we have too much PRIDE. We think that others aren't going to get the job done as well as we are, or we feel weak if we take time off. We think people will look down on us if we aren't in the church or at our ministry 24/7. Not only does not taking time off show pride, it also shows a lack of leadership. Craig talked to us about his schedule... he leaves work every day by 3:45! Why? b/c he goes straight to the gym to workout (b/c stress reflief and exercise is very important!) and then he can be home with his family for dinner. How great is that? Why is this so abnormal in our church culture? If you know that you have until 3:45 every day to get all that you need to get done, you're going to be productive, and what you can't do, you will pass on to someone else, or you will get done what needs to be done for the day and do the rest later. Good stuff! How are you doing with your schedule? Are you building your schedule around your values? Your schedule will show what your values are. Kinda scary, isn't it?

I think my favorite thing that stuck with me yesterday was something Pete Briscoe said about pastoring a church, which I really feel as though it applies to our every day lives.. he said you need to make sure you are doing three things.....
1. Preach the Gospel
2. Love people
3. Pray the spirit moves

Nailed it! Gosh that is my prayer for my life. That my actions and life would preach the gospel, that I would learn to love people, and that the spirit would move!

Great encouragement for this week! Come and join me at Catlyst East in Atlanta in October!

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