Blessed After All

Wow... I can't believe it's already Wednesday. Which means that my time here in Nashville has come to an end.

I've learned a lot from my time here:

1. Authentic Community is so important.
It's been so exciting to visit my friends and learn all about what God is doing in each of their lives. I feel as though their friendships are genuine and purposeful. A big prayer of mine for this summer is finding a place of safety and community where I can be myself and be challenged in my faith. I feel like the Lord wants me to be very intentional about where I spend my efforts this summer as we are in a busy season with work.

2. God is always in control
I shared about this yesterday but I can't say it enough. As long as we seek Him and wait on Him, He will lead us and guide us. Even if we aren't sure if we are making the right decision or not 100% sure what He is saying, if we step out in faith, He is going to honor that. This move has been one of the hardest things I've had to one, and yet one of the biggest growth times of my life. He is faithful!

3. Nashville is amazing
If you don't live in Nashville, you need to get there as fast as you can ;) Or you need to move to Dallas because it is just as great!

4. Live an intentional life
After reading the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan, it really helps you to re-evaluate your life and how you are living. Be intentional. Serve more. Love more. God has given us many blessings and gifts and we need to figure out how we can use them for the benefit of others and not for ourselves.

What a blessing it has been to see all of my friends:
Sarah, you rock my face off! Thanks for being you and loving me for who I am.
Luna, I wish I could've seen you more but I'm excited for all the new things you have going on and so proud of you for going back to school.
Peter, I believe many and great things for you. Love you dearly.
Mason, you are the most ridiculous human being ever. You are my favorite running buddy. Katie, always so good to see you. Thanks for having us over on Sunday. So excited for how God is using you here
Ben and Kyle - momma bear and pappa bear. I miss my fam!
Britney - so good to hear your heart this morning. I will be praying for you! So proud of you who are and your love for the Lord!
Wes - so great getting to know you better. Thanks for hanging out.
Whitney - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm so glad that we could celebrate your life yesterday. I believe God has huge plans for your life! I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of it all.
Bible study girls - So glad I got to hang out and meet all of you! I'm excited for your next study and what God is doing!!!
Jenni and Jessica - ALWAYS so great catching up with you! Loved spending time with the two of you!

So many others to name but I'm so grateful that people took time out of their schedules to hang out with me while I was here. What a great trip! Can't wait until my next visit to Nashvegas!

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Anonymous said...

I feel Blessed to have you as apart of my life now! Your amazing. Cant wait to see you again!