So if you didn't notice, I disappeared on the blogging world the past two weeks because we had some really big events the past two weekends. I told you a little bit about Redemption2009. It was seriously such a miraculous event. My adopted aunt was the one who basically put this event on, Ellen Olford. She and Priscilla met about this event about 4 years ago where they both dreamed about having a FREE multicultural event in Memphis, TN. So for the past 4 years hundreds of women came together to try and heal and unite the city of Memphis. I think there were about 9,000 women who came. It was truely a taste of what heaven will be like - women worshipping the Lord in all different ways and no one cared about what the other was doing. It was just so sweet. So anyway, I wanted to share some pics from the event with you.

And.... if you want to see how adorable Jude is, click here

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