Branson, MO

I leave in the morning for Branson, Missouri for a Women of Joy Conference. You can see the information here. This weekend is a little different in that Priscilla is only speaking on Saturday morning, so we will have some free time tomorrow night. You better believe that I will be there to hear Kirk Cameron Friday night! I hope to meet the guy and take a picture with him. I never take pictures with people, but I will be sure to take one if I get to meet. I just hope I will be able to focus when he's speaking and not think about Full House the whole time.

Phil Waldrep and his ministry put on these conferences, and from what I hear they just do an amazing job. I'm excited to meet them and see what the Lord has for us this weekend. If you think about it, pray for the women attending the conference, that they will taste and see Jesus this weekend and be encouraged on their journey with Him.

I'll let you know how tomorrow night goes!! =)


bhoppe@pobox.com said...

Only... Don't say "kirk, I loved you in full house". He was in growing pains :-) love you nins! Can't wait to see you!

Linnae said...

hah! dangit..i always do that! good call brino

Sarah said...

walk up to him and say, "fireproof" and wave your hand up like a magician...then just turn and walk away.