Branson, MO Part II

This is what was supposed to happen today:
Pick up Priscilla and Jude around 7:30AM - Drive to airport
Fly from 9:30-11:00
Pick up rental car at 11 and drive to Branson
Arrive to Branson, eat lunch, get Priscilla and Jude settled in hotel, set up resource table
Meet up with a friend perhaps, and then go hear Kirk Cameron speak, meet Kirk and take a picture with him

Here's the short story of what actually happened today:
Pick up Priscilla and Jude at 7:30 - Drive to airport
9:30 flight keeps delaying and delaying - eventually cancels
We get on the next flight at 11:35 - don't actually board until 12:30
Sit on the plane until 1:30 - they cancel the flight
Next flight out is at 5:45, so we eat lunch at TGI Fridays, which by the way has a really great salad and an amazing fudge brownie sundae!
At this point the baby is just going wild, poor guy, so we decide to send him back home with Jerry
We sit at the airport from 2:30-6:30
Finally board around 7:00, land in Missouri around 8:30, stop and eat, stop at the store
Finally get to the hotel at 11:00PM!

I felt awful. Priscilla was supposed to have a relaxing evening and that was just thrown out the window.

However, in the midst of all of the airport drama, it was somehow really not such a bad day, at least I didn't think so. Only by the grace of God were neither of us stressed out. She's not speaking until tomorrow morning, so we were thankful for that. I always wonder when these kinds of days happen, what God is speaking or trying to teach me. What is the purpose of traveling for 14 hours? I'm not really sure why we had such difficulty today. It was nothing that I could change or control. I do think part of it was that God wanted to bless us with that amazing brownie sundae thing =)

In all seriousness, I heard that Kirk did a great job tonight. The place is completely packed out. Should be neat to see what God wants to speak to us about tomorrow through Carol Kent and Priscilla. Today really could've been a lot worse and I'm thankful that we made it here safely! I will keep you updated on how everything goes. I'll be back at the airport probably before half of you read this anyway =)

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silverbelle said...

ahhh..Kirk Cameron. Takes me back. I just watched his movie, Fireproof. Started off a bit cheesy, but was a really good movie. Anywho, what a good looking Christian, huh?

Who knew it would be so hard to get to Branson?