I am in a huge dilemma! For the first time I can remember, I'm about to fill up my journal and don't have a new one to start on next! For those of you journalers, you know what a big deal a journal is. I can't just write in some crappy journal. The one I have been using for forever is from Italy, which comes with so many amazing memories, and it is by far my favorite. It's actually more of a cover, so if I could find a bendable journal that is the right size, I can take out the old one and put a new one in it. But, it's a weird size so that is really hard to do.

So, help! What is your favorite journal and where can I get it?!?


Anonymous said...

Although I don't have any really good suggestions, I totally feel your pain. I can't write in any old journal either. It has to look and feel like me. I find journals that I love in the most random places.

Sarah said...


Linnae said...

@Sarah.. you know me all too well! Love it