San Jose

So we are here in San Jose for a Going Beyond event this weekend. I must admit that sometimes life just doesn't get much better than this: We are staying downtown and it is absolutely beautiful! I am sitting at a little quaint coffee shop sipping on a cappucino checking email. I'm about to go to the Bijan Bakery and Cafe next store to get a yummy pastry after I finish my coffee =) Who knew that San Jose was such a cool place? Did I mention that we are staying at the Fairmont. Thank you Lifeway. Excuse my worldliness for a bit. If I could I will put a picture on here of the area, but I'm not that high tech yet.

Everyone is resting before we have to head back to the church. Pray for us and Priscilla and she prepares to lead us into worship tonight. I'm excited to hear what the Lord will give her tonight as she speaks.

And God bless San Jose and pastries!

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