Living Proof

This afternoon I had the privilege of spending some time speaking with Sabrina from Living Proof Ministries (lproof.org). Sabrina has been with Beth ever since the very beginning basically of Beth's ministry and is now the Director. She was so gracious to take time out of her schedule so that I could pick her brain a little bit about women's ministry and her experience through it all.

It's so neat to think how God uses us in different ways with our different gifts! I still can't hardly believe that I am here in Dallas getting to work with the Shirers and that God would choose me for such a task. Who would've thought that your dreams can come true at age 23? Not me!

With that being said, there is so much that I need to learn about this position and ministry. Sabrina is so good at what she does. There are so many things that I took away from our conversation, but what stook with me the most, is how we need to be intentional with everything that we do. With each conference we schedule, speaking arrangement we plan for, email that we respond to, or phone call that we make, we are to make sure that's where God is leading us and that we are responding with grace. With what we do, there will always be another invitation to speak or someone who needs ministering to, but where is it that God is calling us to? What group of people is He leading us towards? If God is not in it, then we don't want to be a part of it. And that goes for any of us with our daily lives. There are so many good things you can be doing, but if it's not where God wants you, then you don't want to be there.

I just pray that every day God will be right here with me and empower me to carry out the task He has given me. I pray that I will never attempt to do this on my own and that His mercy would be upon me and new every morning.

I love my job!