I cannot believe that tonight is my last night at 612 Bent Creek Drive. So many things have happened in my life since I've moved here.

A new job - one that I still can't believe that I have
New depth and intimacy with Jesus
Being part of a church that really is the church - people who love God desperately and really live by faith
I've traveled all over the US
Gained two nieces
Was baptized at this house
My whole family has stayed here at one time and have had so many visitors
The list could go on forever

It's always interesting to look back on things. I've been here for 1.5 yrs. I really feel like I can say I'm not the same person I was when I moved here. I have a long way to go, but God is so faithful to bring me into a deeper relationship with Him. I could never, nor would I ever want to, go backwards…. go back to how things used to be. Yes, I miss some people dearly, but thankfully those relationships don't change

So tonight is my last time to sleep here. To sleep where I work. To sleep alone (without a roommate), to be able to walk downstairs in the morning to go to work, to wake up and spend time with the Lord however I want without anyone hearing or seeing me, to live 10 minutes away from Jerry and Priscilla..

But I'm gaining such an amazing roommate, and amazing place to live, a place that is within 5 miles of my friends and church, not to mention half a mile to my favorite coffee shop.

I'm gaining deeper community, a more balanced schedule, and whatever else the Lord has planned.

So here's to a new season… a shift in my life… it's yours, Lord. have Your way!

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