weekend wrap up

i don't think I could've crammed more things into this weekend. but, then again, that's what I do best!

Friday night I made the most DELICIOUS black bean burgers you've ever put in your mouth. I made them from this cookbook. My sister got me into this stuff and everything in here is amazingly delicious and healthy. I also made some chocolate chip cookies that the guys devoured. If you are interested in cooking gluten free, you should check out this cookbook. The main ingredient is almond flour, which is super expensive if you just buy in a store, so I buy it in bulk from a website.
I made all of this food because we went over to a friends house to watch Troll 2.( If you don't know the story behind this movie: basically it was voted the worst movie of all time. And let me tell you, it's the truth. They just did a documentary on this movie recently which was hilarious. All that to say, don't waste two hours of your life watching Troll 2. ) Casey and Erin set up a screen outside so we ate and watch the movie on a screen in their backyard. It was actually really fun.

Saturday I got to pick up my sweet friend Jenny Pang from the airport. She has been away from us for 6 weeks touring Europe. I know, jealous right? I certainly was. I had the most amazing time catching up with her at dinner and of course dessert at PinkBerry - the love of my life!

Sundays are always my favorite. I love being able to lead worship, I love seeking God with my community at church, and I love Sunday afternoons. Half of my friends have been in Detroit for the past 8 days and they got home last night as well. Thankfully, everyone is home now!

This week is packed with lots of work, and most importantly, my sister-in-law is being induced tomorrow! yay!! Lily Kate, we can't wait to meet you!! Praying for them tomorrow if you think about it.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

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